Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bombardier YouCity Contest

Bombardier YouCity is an online competition about the evolution of mobility in fast-growing urban areas. "With more than two thirds of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, these commercial and cultural hubs urgently need to evolve in terms of improving the mobility of their populations and driving sustainable economic growth", says Martin Ertl, Chief Innovation Officer for Bombardier Transportation. "Our YouCity contest will provide innovators of the future a unique platform to demonstrate what smart urban mobility will look like on the horizon."

The online competition is open to students and professionals with a vision for the future of urban mobility from developed cities to emerging cities of the future.


01.03.2012: Registration to the competition is open
16.04.2012: Competition starts with Task 1
14.05.2012: Task 1 is closed. Launch of Task 2
10.06.2012: End of the online competition
July 2012: Jury meeting
01.08.2012: Announcement of winners on the website
17.09.2012: Bonus Task 3 held as an offline workshop: “YouCity Innovation Camp” starts in Berlin
20.09.2012: Final presentation and Award ceremony at InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Auto(r) - Electic Micro Vehicle Design Contest

From Auto(r) website:
Urban mobility market is booming. By 2015 thirty million scooters will be sold annually. People are buying them to move fast through urban traffic, to park where car can’t and to save on fuel. In the same time, many commuters don’t choose two wheelers because they’re neither comfortable nor driveable in all weather. This niche is so big that manufacturers started to create vehicles just for them. Motorcycle companies experiment with bigger and automotive with smaller vehicles. They all fight for same people. We challenge you to create the most desirable urban vehicle of them all.

Every project MUST include following:
- Ground-based vehicle – no flying saucers please
- Three or four wheels – since this is a microcar, perhaps you’d like to think trike a like?
- Small footprint – easy to move around and easy to park is essential in big city
- Single seated or tandem (1+1 or 2 seats) – 90% of commuters ride alone, but people like to have possibility to give someone a ride
- Enclosed cabin – nobody won’t to get wet or cold, but that doesn’t mean open vehicles are not welcome, a long as they have roof, soft or hard
- Small boot capacity – what do you carry around city? Laptop, sport bag, shopping bangs…
- Electric vehicle – they’re just must have these days
- Excellent style – beside the fact this is design challenge, there is no excuse for bad design

Last Date: 15 April 2012

- Gordon Murray (Gordon Murray Design)
- S├ębastien Stassin (Kiska)
- Frank Stephenson (McLaren)
+ Auto(r) 2012 speakers

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

DYPDC Design Contest

India-based DYPDC Center for Automotive Research has launched a design contest open to students that asks to create original vehicles with four different briefs. The deadline is May 31 2012.

The competition organized by DY-PDC is open to students between 18 and 27 years of age, who are asked to submit sketches of an original design, based on one or more of the following briefs:
  • A futuristic car for a Bond Girl.
  • An iconic, eco-friendly public transport for India.
  • A 2-seater vehicle that can ply on the road and in the sky.
  • A F1-car inspired vehicle.
The submission deadline is May 31 2012, and the winners will be announced on August the 1st, 2012. The first three prizes are an iPad, a Samsung tablet and an iPod.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Interior Motives Design Awards 2012

Registration for the 10th Car Design News-Interior Motives Student Design Awards is open. This is a chance to take part in one of the most important competitions in the design calendar, and to display your talent and fresh thinking to the world's top vehicle designers and the automotive media.

The Awards are open to anyone studying full time at a design school or college in any discipline (not just automotive or transportation).

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